Im Inked…

Well I must admit that having my first ever tattoo (and hopefully not the last one) is part of my invisible bucket list. When I say invisible, it means that it is neither written nor formalized. It just feels right to have a tattoo in your lifetime. It just feels awesome that you are now different from the rest.Β  As the new cliche goes, “YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.”

I have decided to have a half-ankle tattoo with the POLYTROPOS design. I have written about it. Click here.

It is also an advantage for me because we have an in-house tattoo artist in the person of my cousin. He is doing it as a hobby as well as for business (if he feels like it). So there you have it. After 23 years, I am now officially inked.



5 thoughts on “Im Inked…”

  1. Wow! Nice one! Congrats! πŸ™‚

    Read your entry about polytropos. I’m really curious about people getting inked. I mean people change – how we view life, ideas, beliefs, love life, etc. Aren’t you afraid or bothered that in time, you actually don’t know if you still want polytropos to be written in your ankle? How will you erase or cover that up if you have decided that you don’t want that anymore?

    1. Well i dont know, but you see, there are things in our life that we cant change… Its just a matter of acceptance. These are the non-negotiables. At least i will always have a story to tell..

  2. Seeing this post reminded me that I’ve got my first ever tattoo too last 2 weeks! and I almost forgot about it. Hahaha! Will be reading your entry about polytropos. (nagtatagalog ka ba? Hindi ako sanay mag english!)

      1. hahaha ou nga. Laughtrip ako mag isa dito!! Bakit ngayon ko lang namalaman na may blog ka!! Super lol, πŸ˜› Instant fan ako sa blog mo!

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