Thrift Stores, Buying Expensive Shoes and Repair Shops

Modesty aside, I realized that my salary is actually a good one especially for a yuppie like me. Unfortunately, I haven’t realized it because I tend to spend a lot on things that doesn’t matter. Now, I have entered a frugal lifestyle…frugal but reasonable.

Allow me to give you some tips on how to at least save a whole lot of money (allow me to do this because I need to write them for myself…):

1. Go to thrift stores. If you are from the US, this is not a new tip. But if you are in the Philippines, be open to these kind of stores. We call them ukay-ukay. Thrift stores are becoming more like 7-11s. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. I live near the largest thrift store in the city so the opportunity doesn’t even have to knock. All you need to do is to at least be patient and PERSISTENT until you find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Here’s my pot of gold from my last stroll at the thrift store:

A statement shirt that actually makes sense.
Whew. A branded item.
A good exercise shirt.
Perfect for church events

TOTAL COST FOR 4 SHIRTS: P320. That’s just an equivalent of one shirt in the mall.

2. Buy expensive shoes. What happened to BE FRUGAL? I know that this advice is an irony to what I was talking about but let me give you an example. 

4 years ago, I bought two pairs of leather shoes. They are not just shoes but they actually have a hidden heel inside in order for me to cheat my height. Embarrassing as it may sound but when you are desperate these things become rational. Anyway, I bought the quality leather shoes plus the magic height features for P3,000 each. I have been wearing them ever since and never bought a single leather shoe after them. I walked miles and miles with these shoes. Imagine the savings for not buying shoes for 4 years. That’s almost half a decade.

Unfortunately, everything came to an end. The sole became brittle and they cracked. Do I need to buy new shoes? No. Here’s my tip # 3

3. Repair shops. Because the shoes were made from very fine leather, I just need to take them to the local shoe shop for restoration. I just paid 400 for both shoes.

Almost as good as new.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, some tips for frugal living. See you next time!


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