On Being Awkward


We live in a society, therefore, we live in a world dictated by standards. It could be in the form of government, laws, religion, culture or just the general public. Unfortunately, being in the society is a bit tiring especially if you are asked to do things which you do not really believe in. The real essence of democracy is gone. I am not a non-conformist. That’s a different story. Fads can be amazing too. But at the end of the day, what is important is that you were able to express yourself and do the things you believe in.

In order to that, we should accept that being awkward is the new “cool”. Recently, I have deleted my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Mr. Standard shouted at me and told me “Hey, you need to communicate. You need to be updated.” Well he was wrong. I believe in authentic communication; being with the people I love, walking with them around the city and actually write them handwritten letters.

Earlier this day, I went to the post office to drop some postcards. To be honest, i felt a sting of awkwardness, God knows why. But it feels good after that. I believe that Deltiology (postcard collecting) is a lost art and needs revival. As long as I believe in something, awkwardness will turn out to be my best friend and it will just be another emotion.

Carrying my backpack made from indigenous product is also a “freak show” for some, but I believe that we should promote local products to alleviate poverty in our country. I believe in Small and Medium enterprises. Although this is my job’s advocacy, it became a personal advocacy too. (I am actually searching for a nice sandal pattern and ask a manufacturer to create one  made from Water Lilies..I need an alternative for my Fitflop)

The list goes on…

My point is, don’t be afraid of doing what you love just because it will leave you in an awkward situation. Don’t fall in the trap of this world’s standards. Create your own. At the end of the day…it’s just you..regardless of how awkward you have been.


What do you think of these alternatives?

1. Ride a calesa instead of the tricycle.

2. Eat raw/organic foods instead of processed foods.

3. Use reusable bags instead of plastic bags.

Can you suggest other alternatives (not yet accepted but brilliant ones) to live this beautiful life we have?


2 thoughts on “On Being Awkward”

  1. Sa blog world madalas, mas magsusulat ako kesa magbasa. Pero interesting ang blog mo parang mga posts ko na translated in english. Alternatives? Hmm maybe we can watch pinoy theater plays instead of Iron Man 3. 🙂 I really like this statement, “But at the end of the day, what is important is that you were able to express yourself and do the things you believe in.”

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