While I was on the plane traveling from Cebu City to Clark, I suddenly had this weird thought:  “What if the plane will crash on an island and I will be with strangers from this plane?”

Call me weird or abnormal, but it was actually a good thought (at least for me). Sadly, it is hard for us to actually communicate and get along with strangers. How long can you survive being with strangers on an island? Aside from the fact that you have to hoard for food or hunt for wild boars, you also need to be with high-maintenance people from different cultures.

Going back on the plane, I suddenly recalled a famous series called Lost. It was actually my Dad’s addiction so I didn’t even bothered to watch it with him years and years ago. So finally, because of that realization I had on the plane, I gave the series a chance. I am, after all, a late bloomer.


That was a month ago.

Today, I am hooked. I spent countless weekend hours trying to finish the entire series. And now, what was left is only 10 episodes before the finale. Imagine that! I don’t even want to finish it yet because “I don’t want to leave the island” and “the island is the only thing I have.”

What is it all about?


The series started last 2004 (when I was in junior high) and ended last 2010 (when I resigned from my 2nd work). It’s a story about a group of people whose plane crashed on a magnetic-timeshifting-weird-haunted-holy-evil-paradoxic-ironic island. The characters had their own flashback stories which affects their present decisions; flashforwards to track whether their decision is the right one; and flash sideways (my favorite) to include probable theories and new stories if the plane landed safely on the airport.

Why I got addicted (or why I like the show sooo much)?

1. It’s a mystery show and I firmly believe that everybody love mysteries.

2. It’s actually about people; they are ordinary people with extraordinary stories. You will actually learn that every person has a story to tell and sadly, a dark secret to keep–which is the story of us all.

3. Although the characters came from different backgrounds, they were able to work together to survive. Yes, they had frequent quarrels and mini-wars, but at the end of the day, they are still one. They often hurt each other in order to protect each other. Ironic, but beautiful.

4. It teaches the viewers that everything happens for a reason.

5. It is about science, faith, travel and TIME TRAVEL.

So if you are a late bloomer like me, you have all the time to watch this series. Give yourself a month to finish 6 seasons. Trust me, it’s worth it!


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