Mail’s Here Part 1

While I was busy doing some work stuffs yesterday and while my eyes were bloody red because of stress, my dad texted me. He informed me that I received 2 postcards and 1 letter. That moment,  I got motivated to accomplish a lot at work and got excited to go home.

I missed the feeling of receiving mail… I mean the real mail.. the very slow but very meaningful mail. Anyway, here are the postcards:

1. Here’s one from Malaysia.


2. The ever generous Poland (will write separately why I called it, generous Poland)


3. Aside from the Postcards, I received a photo card from my Argentinian guests last month. This is the sweetest thing ever!


Last month, I have received my first ever postcard, and it was from United Kingdom (Scotland):


… and of course, the little postcard gift of my guest from Czech republic. This is a photo of the Prague Church.



2 thoughts on “Mail’s Here Part 1”

  1. Wow… your mailbox is really busy!!! There is such a great feeling when opening a real letter, written by real ink!
    We are so glad that you liked our little surprise.. it´s just a way to say “salamat po” for all your hospitality!

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