DIY: Photo Collage for Travel Junkies

Because my room became home to couchsurfers and backpackers around the globe, I have decided to re-design it and add a travel twist to it. Most of the people I have hosted had no idea on what places to visit in the Philippines. I have made this project In order for them to see a glimpse of the country especially the places I have visited.

So first, I need to have a canvass. Glad that my door is very plain except for the black wallpaper.


Prior to this, I have gathered the best pictures from each province I have visited in the country. I edited them from colored pictures to black and white. I’ve added some captions to highlight the place and the province.


Aside from the pictures, I have printed a large Black and White Philippine map. I like this picture I found on the internet.


So I have gathered everything and posted them at the door as a collage.


Because it was a boring art, I have bought sticker paper to add some roads, lines and whatever you want to call them. The best colors for this art are red, blue and yellow–representing the flag of the Philippines. Yellow stickers represent loop roads.


Red stickers represent straight roads while Blue stickers represent zig zag roads.


I have added the word TRAVEL from the poster given to me by a friend.


For the final touch, I have added a compass to represent the 4 directions of the map.






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