Postcards for Penang, Terengganu, Weedon, Carabobo, Valladolio, Haryana and Shanghai

This postcard will fly to Estado Barabobo, Venezuela.
I personally like this postcard and want to keep it, but it will fly to Valladolio, Spain for Juan and Vanessa.
This is my THANK-YOU note for the Postcard I received from Weedon, United Kingdom. (will post it soon)
I envy this Rizal Park Postcard because it will fly to Terengganu, Malaysia.
This postcard is a response to a Couchsurfer in Pengang, Malaysia who wants to revive the art of collecting postcards. She will be conducting an exhibit in their area. Hope this card will make it on time.
Varun of Haryana India committed to send a postcard from their country. This is my early thank you note. Namaste.
From Cebu to Shanghai, China

These are the second batch of postcards I’m going to send this week. The problem is, I don’t like going to post offices, or should I say, I don’t have a time. I will find time. That’s a promise.


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