Repost from Previous Blog: The Stuck Up Millenial

Some of your friends are moving out. Some are moving to exotic places. Some are getting married. Some are having their babies (then get married). Some have jobs in major cities and receiving twice your salary. Some are living their dreams. If you are 20-ish and you feel like a “stuck up” when you are with them, whether they intend to make you feel that way or not,  join the club. 

Millenials. They are us. Our parents are the Generation X. We experienced the 90s at its best. Unfortunately, it is also our turn to have that quarter life crisis. It’s normal to be insecure at this stage. It is normal to get frustrated and cry over our shattered dreams. But it is not normal to NOT do anything about it. You have all the power to fight for your dreams or just make new dreams. We are a very dynamic generation. We are also the intersection of tradition and modernization. We have the best of both worlds. We are both wise and childish. We are equipped with a variety of talents. It is ok to be a stuck up every once in a while. But when you realized that you are dwelling on your “stuck-up-ness” for a long time, wake up and make a decision, a plan or a stand.

Embrace the paradox.


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