Repost from Previous Blog: My Parasailing Story


Its one of those “Me next! Me next!” moments. 

Im in Boracay, and the sight of people parachuting and para-sailing lures me to taste the pleasure they are experiencing. I am afraid of heights, but hey, Im in Boracay—one of the world’s best beaches. Pleasure versus fear, I will choose the former. With too much desire but with no budget (2008-I’m still a student), I convinced my Aunt Rubi to sponsor my 15-minute “Im on the top of the world” experience.

After the first batch of parasailers, ”Me next! Me next!”

Together with Aunt Ruby, the guides asked us to wear the harness. While listening to their do’s and don’ts, I stubbornly said to myself, “Ok.Ok. Enough with that. Let us fly.”

Then off we go. The sound of the motor boats and people shouting and playing were suddenly replaced with the sound of strong winds, pure quietness, and the happy shouts of my aunt as if there’s no tomorrow. While maximizing the 15 minutes of our lives, my aunt initiated a conversation about family life. Frankly, I wasn’t able to give her 100% of my time because I feel something in me, not emotionally but physically—I’m about to throw up. Uh-oh. I am not aware that I have motion sickness.

…But it happened. I polluted the pacific ocean with undigested meat and fish while I’m more than 500 feet above the ocean. Worst, they caught it on video and will definitely haunt me for the rest of my life.

But I can proudly say, ITS PART OF THE ADVENTURE.


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