Repost from Previous Blog: A Very Korean Dinner

Olive, one of the members of the Couch Surfing community invited us for a dinner at her couch last Saturday, May 5, 2012. It was not your average Saturday Night dinner but its actually a Korean Food Party. Yes, Olive or Kyungpyo is a Korean. She was kind enough to cook two Korean dishes for us: Bulgogi and Doengjang Chigae.

Also present during the party was Tony of CS England, Jeanette of CS Manila, Jogs of CS Pampanga and yours truly also from CS Pampanga.

Olive is a very humble host. She kept on telling us that she’s a neophyte when it comes to cooking, but the output she prepared for us was really delicious. Her couch was also commendable for being organized, cozy and clean.

Here are the pics during the partey:

Well presented dishes, though the plates are very Filipino 🙂 But who cares! The food was AWESOME!

The Doengjang Chigae or Bean Stew Soup, or something like that.

Olive’s Bulgogi.

Le chef of the night.

Fruits for Desserts and a glass of Coors.


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