Hospitality in Pagudpud

If you want a real Filipino experience in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, you should book at homestays. I am not aware that we have homestays in the Philippines and I am not aware that transient houses are different from homestays. In homestays, you get the chance to be with the family–eat with them, watch tv with them, and to interact with them.


I highly recommend Hannah Lou’s Homestay, located just in front of Saud Beach Resort. Take note that Hannah’s Beach resort is different from Hannah Lou’s Homestay, just to avoid the usual confusion.

Kuya Ruben Caliw Caliw welcomed us as we arrived. He was very fatherly to us. He asked me to remove my Fitflops and wear his slippers because of the 1 hour hike. He also asked us to wear a hat from his hat collection. Jogs chose the fisherman’s hat while I took the army hat. His youngest daughter prepared for our room.


Kuya Ruben, took us to the scenic places in the area as well as the not-so-touristy locations. I will write about the places soon.

At dinner, Kuya Ruben’s wife, Ate Marife, prepared a very sumptuous meal for us: Sinigang na Puso ng Saging, Fried Saluyot, Ginataang Laing, rice and slices of mangoes. I am not a vegetarian, but I have to admit that I enjoyed every food she prepared for us. At breakfast, she prepared hotdogs, Sauteed Ampalaya and my favorite, Fried Saluyot.


When we were about to say our goodbye to our “foster family”, they gave us wooden windmills as a remembrance.

Here are our expenses at Hannah Lou’s (for 2 persons):

Overnight Stay – 250 per person= P 500

Dinner – 25 per person = P50

Breakfast – 25 per person = P50

Tour – P900

TOTAL- P1,500.00

It’s very cheap. In fact, I consider our stay in Hannah Lou’s as a priceless experience. If you are planning to go to Pagudpud, call/text Kuya Ruben or Ate Marife @ 09213104826. Hannah Lou’s is literally your “home away from home.



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