Hospitality in Batangas

I am a proud couchsurfer. I am more of a host than a guest. But, with or without Couchsurfing, Filipinos will always have “HOSPITALITY” planted somewhere in their anatomy. We experienced this hospitality in Lipa, Batangas.

Our 2-day adventure started in Buendia Bus Terminal to Lipa, Batangas. Glad we didn’t have to wait longer because the bus is almost full. The trip was really relaxing and comfortable except for the fact that they are playing Leonardo di Caprio’s Blood Diamond which I really find morbid.

We arrived at Big Ben Mall at around 12:30pm where we have to wait for the friend of our friend slash our host for this trip, Nel Andrew a.k.a. Oyo. While waiting for him, I had the chance to go inside a thrift store and buy a second hand book. After 15 minutes, our host finally arrived. It’s ok that we have to wait because we are inside a British-themed mall…sort of.

He drove us to the nearest mall and treated us for lunch at Gerry’s grill. Oyo also promised that he will take us to a Lomi House (a famous soup from Batangas) for our dinner.

Oyo’s family prepared some local snacks for us while waiting for our driver.


Oyo’s cute niece did some modelling and other cute stuffs expected from a 7 year old girl.



Finally, after 23 years of existence, I was able to smell the breeze in Tagaytay and was able to see the majestic Taal Volcano. Also, it was a perfect moment because I was able to explore the place with my friends. Although I prefer to travel alone, there is a different kind of magic when you are traveling with friends.


As promised, Oyo took us to a Lomi House for our dinner. I believe this is the best way to end our travel in Batangas.


In a nutshell, our Batangas trip will not be fun without the hospitality of the Morada family. It was indeed an experience we will never forget. Thank you very much Oyo and family for the one of a kind experience.


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