I Realized…


I am not sure what happened but I have learned about some things about myself lately. I think my North Luzon Backpacking changed me. I guess that’s the power of travel. You will see that the best things in life are really for free, at least. It’s a paradigm shift.

I realized that I don’t want a higher status in life. I want to give my corporate/government life an ultimatum.

I realized that frustrations can’t kill me. I have learned to accept who I am and to accept my weaknesses. I am starting to believe that I cannot make my weaknesses as strengths but I can accept that I am weak at certain points but not as a whole.

I realized that my accomplishments doesn’t matter to anyone, therefore I don’t need to brag them. At the end of the day, people will forget about it. It’s better to be humble in all circumstances.

I realized that there will be people better than I am. I have learned to deal with it. Also, there will be people who will hate you for no reason at all. Again, deal with it. Accept it. Don’t let them steal the life away from you.

Make your own story. In business, find a niche. Life is awesome.


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