Our Foodtrip with “Jesus Christ”

Don’t worry, this post is not a metaphor about a relationship with Christ. My guest, Stuart, looks a lot like the stereotypical Jesus Christ image. Even the bystanders called him JESUUUUSSS! It was all funny but amazing at the same time, especially if you are walking with him. It feels like you are one of his disciples. Walk with Jesus? LOL


Stu and I shared the same beliefs about God and Christianity; so I am happy that a person like him understands where I’m coming from. We both grew up in a Christian environment but also understood that God is a personal God and not confined inside a structure or a group.

On a lighter note, we had an awesome food-trip last night together with a local couchsurfer, Jogs. What better way to appreciate Angeles City is to try it’s food. First, we tried a Filipino version of a Lebanese Shawarma.


After munching the Shawarma Sanwich, we tried Tupic, a Filipino delicacy made from coconut.


Here’s the real challenge: Although Balut is a very popular delicacy in the country, I haven’t tried eating it. Since Jesus-look-a-like wants to end his Philippine trip by eating Balut, we all had the chance to eat it for the first time. Mark the date: February 19, 2013. Check out our funny faces.




Well, we overreacted. It was actually good. Haha Food, good friends  and meaningful conversations are my new synonyms of the word HAPPY.


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