2’s a Company, 3’s a Crowd, 4’s a Party!!!

Me, Juan, Daniela and Stu

I can only host 1 person at a time because my “cave” is very small.

I have received a request last month from a couple in Argentina. I have read their profile and they are interesting, so I experimented and took the risk to host 2 people. It was a blast and I believe I did great. After they left, they promised to be back.

After a week, I received another couch request from a guy in Missouri. I accepted the request. The Argentinian couple’s return is the exact day I’m going to host Mr. Missouri. I cannot resist all of them because they are really interesting, so I have decided to host the 3. This is a huge leap for me and also a new experience from the World’s largest travel community.

Daniela and Juan returned with stories from their North Luzon Hitchhiking experience. Stuart a.k.a. Mr. Missouri with his “Jesus Christ” look brought with him his stories from the South. I like the fact that they have enjoyed their stay in the Philippines and listening to their stories was all pleasurable; although half of me was itching for a similar adventure.

Aside from travel experiences, we were able to talk about our own cultures and other “deep” stuffs. This is what I like about hosting people. You get the chance to break a daily routine to learn from interesting strangers. I like it. It’s tiring but it’s all worth it!

The company is C-R-A-Z-Y!!! (Special Participation: George the Monkey)

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