My Version of Carnival and Mardi Gras: Welcoming the Lent


According to Wikipedia, Carnivale is a festive season which occurs before lent. It involves a public celebration of parade combining some elements of circus, mask and street party.


To celebrate Carnivale, my friends and I attended Brasilipinas 2013 at Rockwell tent last February 8, 2013. It is a celebration in the Philippines showcasing the contribution of Brazil in the country.  Although we were late for the event due to some unfortunate cases (e.g. late arrival of buses, scary hotel rooms, etc), we still had the chance to maximize the whole party together with some couchsurfers in the area.

Promdi but Awesome!
With the party people of CS Manila!
Still dreaming about the beats of Samba.


The activity started at around 8pm and we arrived at around 11pm, where half of the people in the room are covered with sweat while dancing to the beat of Brazilian Samba. Aside from the fact that we missed the Capoeira exhibition, we also missed the special drink sponsored by Havaianas. Instead, we bought some mineral water at 711 and pretended that it was alcohol. It was fun and it was a good laugh.


May the odds be ever in my favor


Mardis Gras or Fat Tuesday is celebrated before the Ash Wednesday. According to my brilliant officemate, this event is done by eating fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the lenten season.

To celebrate Mardis Gras, my officemates and I decided to join a Gyudon Eating Contest organized by Yoshinoya, a Japanese Restaurant. For P199, each contestant is given 3 large Gyudon bowls. The contestant should finish the food in 5 minutes.

Unfortunately, I only finished 1 bowl. My officemate was able to complete the 3 bowls and was dubbed as the winner for the day.

Thanks to pressure of the crowd.
Guess who ate our leftovers..
Here’s my registration form slash waiver if in case I will burst due to a gluttonous act.



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