Post Crossing

I recently joined an international postcard collecting club in order for me to travel the world without leaving my office desk. I missed receiving letters through snail mail since email was invented. The excitement is priceless.

The group is called Postcrossing. You get the chance to receive and send postcards to strangers all over the world. Since I’m just a newbie, I need to send my initial postcards to 5 persons randomly generated by Postcrossing. I was tasked to send 3 to Russia, 1 to USA (Washington) and 1 to Germany. I bought the following Philippine landforms and I hope they’ll like it:

The Sagada Postcard was sent to Moscow, Russia. I have been to Sagada last September 2012 with my friend, Jogs. It’s a good place for spelunking and probably ghost/alien hunting. I don’t know. The place is just mysterious.
Sent to Eggesin, Germany. Mt. Arayat is visible from our backyard. Since my receiver loves culture and tradition related postcards, I sent this because of the mythology behind this famous mountain.
I just visited this cute volcano last week, February 9, 2013. The postcard was sent to Washington DC!
The mount Pinatubo Postcard was sent to Vladimir, Russia.


The cute Chocolate Hills was sent to Murmansk Region, Russia. I have been here 2 years ago and it was a magnificent view. They called them Chocolate Hills because of their color..obviously.

I added one for my friend in Yangon, Myanmar. It’s a postcard of Mount Pulag which I will hike next week.

Watch out for my Mount Pulag Trek…



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