My First Batch of Couchsurfers for 2013

Last year, I have hosted 7 Couchsurfers. This year, my goal is to beat that number. Since the mission of this blog is to give us a new paradigm about strangers, I realized that it would be perfect to narrate my Couchsurfing adventures here.

What is couchsurfing?

I don’t want to make this post as if it is a Couchsurfing 101 article. Couchsurfing is simply an organization of travelers who hitch for a place to stay overnight or a couple of days. The difference is that it is more personal and with a dash of a unique cultural experience.

Last January 19, a Russian stranger crashed my couch. His name is Pavele. One thing I love about this guy is his interest to visit slum areas. I’ve never met a traveler before who spends his money traveling to poverty-stricken areas. Honestly, I never liked the fact that I have to spend my weekend visiting such places. But in the end, it was all worth it.




12 Days after, I hosted Daniela and Juan of Argentina. I don’t usually accept 2 people in my house, but it’s really hard to say no to this couple because they are really interesting, plus, they are bloggers. Check out

I never had a hard time hosting them since they are both curious souls. The ordinary becomes extraordinary. Their enthusiasm is very contagious. The cultural exchange is very high because they have shared their Argentinian customs, music and movies. I am looking forward to host these guys again.




The Argentinian beat was replaced with Czech vibes when I hosted Kristina. Although she just visited the country for the visa stamp, I believe that she was able to maximize her stay here. Special mention to Holy Angel University for allowing us to go inside the school premises. At  night, we exchanged weird cultures, riddles and tongue twisters. At daybreak, we went to the wet market, ate soya milk and rice cake, visited the cemetery and had a short pictorials in our house.




The experiences I had from these people is something that money cannot buy, and they all have something in common… They are not your average strangers…


One thought on “My First Batch of Couchsurfers for 2013”

  1. Darby… what can we say. There are no words to describe how we feel in your house. We feel your family is our family, and that your house is our home. Thank you soo much for hosting us again, we had a great time here and we are so glad that we sent you a couch request that first time, otherwise we would have missed an extraordinary soul like you!
    We feel masarap here jajajaa… oh, is that jejey? so, hahaha.

    We wait for you and your parents in Argentina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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